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We also use SAXS data for modeling poly(este-ethoxyaniline) (POEA) particle shape through an ab initio procedure based on simulated annealing using the dummy atom model (DAM), which is then compared to the morphological features of POEA films fabricated with distinct pHs and doping acids. Interestingly, when the derivative POEA is doped with p-toluene sulfonic acid (TSA), the resulting films exhibit a fibrillar morphology-seen with atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy-that is consistent with the cylindrical shape inferred from the SAXS data. This is in contrast with the globular morphology observed for POEA films doped with other acids.

Biophysical and biochemical studies of a major endoglucanase secreted by Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Many structural studies have been performed with a combination of SAXS and simulated annealing to reconstruct three dimensional models. Simulated annealing is suitable for the study of monodisperse, diluted and two-electron densities systems. In this chapter we showed how the simulated annealing procedure can be used to minimize the discrepancy between two functions: the simulated intensity and the experimental one-dimensional SAXS curve.

Those three methods were employed to analyze the EMI data experimentally obtained from an aluminum plate containing three attached PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate) patches. In this present study, the damage scenarios were simulated by attaching a small metallic nut at three different positions in the aluminum plate. We found that the proposed method achieves a hit rate of more than 83%, which is significantly higher than current state-of-the-art approaches. Furthermore, this approach results in an improvement of 93% when considering the best case scenario.

The Ig-like module is pivoting the packing and unpacking motions of CBM46 relative to CD in the assembly of the binding subsite. This is the first example of a multidomain GH relying on large amplitude motions of the CBM46 for assembly of the catalytically competent form of the enzyme.

Simplified fuzzy ARTMAP network-based method for assessment of structural damage applied to composite structures

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The goal was to find the most probable form for a protein molecule in a monodisperse dilute solution. In the past, this simulated intensity was obtained using

The ED is used as input to the Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP Network (SFAN) which is responsible for identifying various different structural conditions. It is shown that the robustness provided more info by SFAN allows the evaluation of the progress of structural damage even under critical conditions. The structural damage was simulated by loosening bolts in a structure. Furthermore, the repaired condition was also considered by retightening bolts. The paper discusses the advantages and drawbacks of the approach in light of the experimental results.

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The limited resolution of the SAXS-based model hinders the unequivocal docking of the high resolution structures into the molecular envelope. Thus, we have used structure-based Cys-scanning mutagenesis combined with crosslinking experiments to obtain distance restraints that will help us to elucidate the relative orientation of the FnIII3 and FnIII4 in solution. Our results have implications for the organization of the integrin website β4 subunit and for its mechanisms of auto-inhibition and activation.

Endo-β-1, 4-mannanase from Thermotoga petrophila (TpMan) is a modular hyperthermo-stable enzyme involved in the degradation of mannan-containing polysaccharides. The degradation of these polysaccharides represents a key step for several industrial applications. Here, as part of a continuing investigation of TpMan, the region corresponding to the GH5 domain (TpManGH5) was characterized as a function of pH and temperature. The results indicated that the enzymatic activity of the TpManGH5 is pH-dependent, with its optimum activity occurring at pH 6. At pH 8, the studies demonstrated that TpManGH5 is a molecule with a nearly spherical tightly packed core displaying negligible flexibility in solution , and with size and shape very similar to crystal structure. However, TpManGH5 experiences an increase in radius of gyration in acidic conditions suggesting expansion of the molecule. Furthermore, at acidic pH values, TpManGH5 showed a less globular shape, probably due to a loop region slightly more expanded and flexible in solution (residues Y88 daniel valente dantas to A105).

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